If you are no longer poor and earn an income above certain amount, you will most probably need to pay income tax to your government.  While paying tax is a good deed but the fact is that it will still reduce your monthly cash flow.  Hence it is important to optimize your personal income tax planning.

Tax planning and optimizing is not new.  A lot of sites are providing similar services and quite a handful for free too.  Your governmental income tax site would be the most reliable source you should rely on.  However, most of the sites are too technical, boring, too much words and too complicated for a normal person like me.  After all, all I want to know is how much tax can I save so that I can decide whether I want to bother to learn further.

I want to make this topic easier for everyone and perhaps have some fun too !

The key in Tax Optimization is to plan early.  And planning something way ahead of its due time is a challenge in human behavior.  So why not just take a quick look and see how much money are we talking about here ?

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