User Guide

While the ultimate goal is to make this tool intuitively user friendly so that no user guide is needed but then again not everyone has the same exposure with computer and web page browsing experience.  Hence nevertheless this user guide page is still drafted.

Once the page is loaded, the Total Income field should be highlighted.  If not, just click on the text box.

Enter your total income and press TAB or ENTER or Mouse Click outside the field to get out of the field.  It should automatically show you how much tax you could save base on the assumptions used.

note: using of TAB is the most recommended as it also progress to the next functional option.

There is a plus sign "+" below "Tax you could save" label.  Click on it will expand all the relevant calculation details.  If you use TAB to get out of the Income field, the next highlighted item should be the "+" sign.  TAB again or any other key pressed will also expand this details.

Subsequent TAB will bring you down each relevant fields one by one.  Here you can enter your most probable deduction so that it gives you a more practical tax saving figure.

You don't need to click any button.  Any changes of any field followed by a TAB or getting out of that field box will automatically refresh the tax saving figure.

There are certain checks on the deduction fields.  Any negative numbers will be reset to 0.  Numbers bigger than allowable amount will be set to maximum allowable amount.  Non number should also be reset to 0.

While using TAB to advance to the next functional area, you may use SHIFT-TAB to go to previous functional area.

Once you enter a figure in Life Insurance + Epf, the amount will remain there until you enter Total Income again. This is because we assume if you are analyzing a different income, you would most probably want to re-specify how much you used for your life insurance in conjunction with your Epf deduction.

However, figures on all other fields will remain.  If you want to start all over, then you will need to click the Restart button.  Restart will reset all figures to its original default value except the Total Income figure.

wow ... quite a mouthful for such a simple widget isn't it ?